Northwest Special Education Office


23A Theodore Foster Drive, No. Scituate, RI 02857

Phone: 401-647-4106 Fax: 401-647-4107

Special Education Director - John Magner (

Assistant Special Education Director - Denise Brierley (

Secretary (Grants/Budgets/Medicaid) - Kathleen Greenleaf (

Secretary (Census) - Sandra Easterbrooks (

Early Intervention/Child Outreach Coordinator - Julie LePain ( (647-7560)

Transition Facilitator (secondary) - Colleen Graziano ( ) (647-9050)

Project JOBS Coach (secondary) - Dina Diamante ( ) (647-9050)

LAC Information - Contact the Special Education office for dates/times of meetings (647-4106)

The Northwest Special Education Region services four school districts in the Northwest part of the State of Rhode Island: Foster, Foster/Glocester, Glocester and Scituate.


The mission and policies of the Northwest Special Education Region is to provide support services to students and their families:

ü Develop, coordinate, and enhance efforts to promote collaboration between general and special education teachers to improve the performance of students with disabilities.

ü Recommend programs, develop professional development opportunities and coordinate and monitor the implementation of scientifically research-based interventions and strategies.

ü Provide ongoing monitoring of programs and services to ensure the provision of a free and appropriate public education for students with disabilities as required by state and federal mandates.


v Behavioral supports

v C hild O utreach P rogram is a free service sponsored by RIDE. The program screens 3-5 year olds, provides families with information about their child’s development and offers information about other resources that are available in the community.

v Coordination of regional programs for low incidence populations

v E arly I ntervention P rogram

v E xtended S chool Y ear program (ESY ) – special education and related services provided beyond the regular 180-day school year determined by the evaluation team.

v A daptive P hysical E ducation (APE) services

v O ccupational T herapy services (OT) services

v P hysical T herapy (OT) services

v Professional development opportunities

v Project JOBS training for IEP students to help integrate them into the work force upon graduation from school

v Transition Services for IEP students from school to a career


Learning Disabilities (LD) -

Medicaid programs (Katie Beckett) -

R.I. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development -

Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) -

R.I. Parent Information Network -

Rhode Island Technical Assistance Project (RITAP) -



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