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Enrollment Criteria

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Admissions and Program Continuation Criteria:

These procedures and criteria apply to admissions to all incoming 9th, 10th, and 11th grade programs.

Age and Grade Criteria:

Students must be entering into grades nine, ten, or eleven to apply for enrollment in a Ponaganset High School Pathways. Students residing in Foster and Glocester will be considered first when assigning students to courses. Preference will also be given to students in their first or second year of high school followed by students in their third year of high school.

Academic Enrollment Criteria:


All students interested in participating in one or more of Ponaganset's College and Career Pathways who did not meet or exceed the standard on the most recent Rhode Island State Assessment must be diagnostically assessed to determine their level of proficiency as it relates to established program criteria. Ponaganset High School may select an alternative diagnostic assessment to determine students’ mathematics grade-level ability. Students who are not proficient on the state assessment, as outlined below, who do not take these diagnostic exams may not be considered for admission to Ponaganset High School’s Academy Programs. This assessment requirement does not apply to students who are enrolled in a Pathway program at Ponaganset High School and who are interested in continuing a sequence of pathway courses in their home school.


All students, in order to be considered for general admission to a Ponaganset Pathway, must meet the established criteria in Reading and Mathematics, as follows:
Reading Comprehension
9th Grade (Grade Level 6), 10th Grade (Grade Level 7), 11th Grade (Grade level 8)
9th Grade (Grade Level 6), 10th Grade (Grade Level 7), 11th Grade (Grade level 8)


As an alternative, the sending high school may provide documentation (i.e., transcripts, portfolio of work, alternate assessments) to the Principal that demonstrates achievement at these levels. Students must earn a passing grade in their chosen career and technical center program in order to proceed to the next level of that program.


For students with disabilities, either under IDEA or Section 504, a portfolio of his/her work in Mathematics and/or Language Arts may be submitted. For students who do not meet the established criteria under the general admissions process, an additional review may be undertaken of his/her portfolio materials and additional testing. 


Specific Career and Technical Education Preparation Program Admission Criteria:


In addition to the general admissions criteria previously noted, students interested a pursuing a Ponaganset Pathway programs may need to meet specific program admissions criteria where indicated. 

Enrollment criteria shall not unfairly target students on the basis of color, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, or disability. The enrollment policy shall be published in the student handbook. Career preparation program policies shall include a review and appeals process for students denied access to a preparation program due to admissions criteria or whose enrollment has been suspended and/or terminated. A copy of program policies shall be provided to each student and family upon enrollment in the career preparation program.

Notification of Right to Appeal:


Every student who is qualified and accepted for admission into a Ponaganset High School Pathway (college, career and technical education program) shall have access to such programs, enrollment permitting, and shall be provided free attendance by their local school committee, i.e., tuition and transportation, when appropriate.


If a student is not accepted for enrollment in the Ponaganset Pathway (i.e., for not meeting minimum criteria) Ponaganset High School may convene a meeting involving the student and the student's parents. The school shall discuss why the student was not accepted, procedures for submitting a future application, steps the student can take to increase the likelihood of later acceptance, and the appeal process.


Appeals Process:


Any student denied placement in a program in the Ponaganset Pathway shall have the right to appeal that decision directly to the Foster-Glocester Regional School Committee with a right of further appeal to the Commissioner of Education. The Commissioner's hearing should be conducted and decision rendered within 15 days of receipt of the appeal. Nothing in this provision shall be construed to deny students with disabilities or their parents from availing themselves of Due Process rights under state special education regulations.

Removal from Programs:

In programs that require safety standards (OSHA, etc.), students must consistently meet those expectations. In the event that a student fails to consistently meet safety standards, a retraining opportunity will be provided and documented. Subsequently, if a student continues to not meet safety standards, the Superintendent may remove the student from his/her career and technical center program, with notification to the sending district, when appropriate. Students may also be removed from programs for not following the Code of Conduct for Ponaganset High School and policies of the Foster-Glocester Regional School District.

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