Interdisciplinary Teams

An interdisciplinary team consists of two or more teachers from different subject areas and the group of students they commonly instruct. Team teachers plan, coordinate, and evaluate curriculum and instruction across academic areas. Teams cultivate meaningful and regular communication with families. Teams often share the same schedule and the same area of the building. For teachers, teams provide a collaborative and supportive work group. For students, teams offer stable relationships with teachers and peers (Jackson & Davis, 2000).

Principles for organizing effective teams include:

  1. Keep teams small in terms of number of teachers and students.
  2. Provide sufficient individual and team planning time for teachers.
  3. Allow teams to design their students' daily schedule.
  4. Assign teams to their own area of the building.
  5. Allow teams to work together for multiple years. (Erb & Stevenson, 1999)

Characteristics of highly effective teams include:

  1. Student-centered focus.
  2. Strong commitment to academic achievement.
  3. Collaborative policies and accountability systems.
  4. Strong sense of team community.
  5. Regular communication with parents.
  6. A proactive approach.
  7. Teachers who work professionally and collaboratively. (George & Alexander, 2003)

PMS has six interdisciplinary teams consisting of four core academic teachers - English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies.  Each team is supported by a special education teacher and/or a literacy or numeracy teacher.  The teams are housed in a "suite" that contains the classrooms, a science lab, lockers and lavatories.  Students may also have "special" classes with the Unified Arts Team of teachers - art, library, health, music, physical education, STEM and technology education.



Interdisciplinary  Teams


Grade 6 – Purple                             Grade 6 – Yellow

Math                K. Botelho                                             Math               M. Noll                       

Science            M. Simao                                             Science           B. Gendreau

Soc St.             J. Lohr*                                                Soc St.            C. Hollingworth*

ELA                G. MacMillan                                       ELA                N. Alger




Grade 7 –  Green                            Grade 7 –  Orange

Math                 J. Barrows                                         Math                 L. Tancrede                   

Science             J. Rollins                                           Science             D. Armstrong 

Soc St.              H. Wellington                                          Soc St.              K. Gold

ELA                 S. Kershaw*                                      ELA                  D. Leary*



Grade 8 – Blue                               Grade 8 – Red

Math                M. Sanborn                                             Math               C. Shaw                 

Science            L. Patalano                                          Science           R. Kershaw*  

Soc St.             M. Orticerio                                        Soc St.            M. Calenda    

ELA                J. Joyce*                                              ELA                M. Girard                   


* Team Leader


Literacy                                                       Special Education

H. Silva                                                     P. Lang (Life Skills)

S. Gannon                                                        D. Procopio

                                                                         L. Gogolen

                                                                         K. Hogan

 J. Lang (ALP)


A. Schofield



Unified Arts, Health/P.E., and Music 

Art                               S. Black

Tech Ed                       G. Murphy

Library                         J. Simoneau

STEM                          M. Khoury, A. Larson

Health/PE                    J. LaRose, M. Ferns, S. Merritt 

Music                           D. Spadazzi, M. Reynolds


Support Services

P. Vigneau      Guidance Counselor               M. Flowers            Guidance Counselor (MS/HS)

K. Toppin        Social Worker                        E. Spremullo         Speech & Language Pathologist

M. Dingley      Psychologist                           L. Donnelly           Nurse





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